Signature Bespoke Flooring

Maples & Birch brings you Signature Bespoke Flooring which is produced to your specification using selected English Oak with the assurance of being hand crafted and finished by a family run mill.

The Signature Bespoke Flooring range allows you to have a floor that is made to order from a choice of structures, widths, surface and finish produced to your selected taste.

So apply your own style and gain a unique floor that oozes your own Signature.

If your desire a wood floor that is purely your own style then look no further than at the Signature Bespoke Flooring range where you select the finish, style and structure that is 100% bespoke to your choosing.

Selecting Your Bespoke Flooring

The Signature Bespoke Flooring range makes selecting between all the options for your choice of bespoke real wood floor as simple as 1-2-3.

To select your ideal individual floor all you have to do is;

1   Flooring Structure

The Signature Bespoke flooring range  offers you a choice of distressed, hand-scraped and oiled ranges, offering a portfolio of beautiful timbers in various finishes. Maples & Birch solid wood flooring provides a stylish option to suit both modern and traditional looks.

Read more information on which flooring construction will be better for you to the right.

Each board Is made from a single piece of timber, usually with a tongue and groove joint, on the ends as well as the long sides. We normally recommend that all of these floors are fitted by an experienced floor layer.

Wood is a natural product and is susceptible to dimensional changes due to moisture and humidity – each installation needs to be professionally assessed and the floor acclimatised before installation commences. Solid Wood Floors gives you the assurance of a solid structure with an air of quality that enhances any home adding value to your property along with ease of maintenance.

Available in 6 sizes from 140mm – 240mm, with lengths from 2.5 - 4 meters, character grade, micro bevel on the long edges.

These floors offer added stability and a greater variety of design. They are normally constructed in 3 layers, using the chosen species as a top wear layer, with a central core of either softwood*, high density fibreboard (HDF) with a balancing spruce veneer, or birch plywood.

Our range of Engineered Wood have a top wear layer of 6mm

Engineered Flooring Oak – Available in 6 sizes from 140mm - 240mm, with lengths from 2-2.4 meters, character grade, sanded and filled, micro bevel on the long edges only with ends matched, ready.

2   Finish

You can choose from 4 different finished to your bespoke flooring. Read more about the different options using the tabs to the left.

close up shot of a lacqured surface floor

The surface of the board has been pre-treated with either an acrylic, UV or ceramic lacquer. This is a relatively hard smooth surface coating. It can have between 5 and 10 layers of lacquer applied, depending on the range of products, making it a very hard wearing and durable surface. A lacquered surface is normally smooth with either a dull matt sheen or a shiny gloss appearance.


close up shot of a oiled wood floor

The application of natural oil to a floor deepens the natural colour of the wood. It brings out the natural beauty of the grain and soaks right into the wood. The beauty of using natural oils is that if the floor becomes scratched or bruised the damaged area can easily be touched in by applying another coat of hard-wax oil.

The oil soaks into the surface of the board, but the wax surface sits on the top creating a protective layer with a dull sheen


close up shot of a Brush Matt wooden floor

The surface of the board has been brushed to remove the soft fibres from the grain leaving a textured surface. The Matt surface gives the same impression as an oiled floor but has the added benefits.

Oil or Lacquer sits on the surface of the timber after the soft grain has been brushed out of the board


close up shot of a Natural Oiled surface floor

Each selected piece of solid-wood is distressed by hand using tools and materials to create the effects of ageing and delivering unique individual planks reminiscent of years of trusted service and the feel of a floor that has been in situ for time.

Oil or Lacquer can be applied on the surface of the plank to enhance the grain and surface


3   Colour Tint & Stain

You have a choice of 18 different stains for your Signature flooring. These are detailed below to help you decide.

Antique Matt Stain Example
Antique Matt
Brushed Charcoal Matt Stain Example
Brushed Charcoal Matt
Brushed Driftwood Matt Stain Example
Brushed Driftwood Matt
BrushedLight Grey Matt Stain Example
BrushedLight Grey Matt
Dark Medieval Stain Matt Stain Example
Dark Medieval Stain Matt
Light Oak Stain Matt Hard Stain Example
Light Oak Stain Matt Hard
Medieval Stain Matt Hard Stain Example
Medieval Stain Matt Hard
Pickled Stain Matt Hard Stain Example
Pickled Stain Matt Hard
Smoked Stain Matt Hard Stain Example
Smoked Stain Matt Hard
Black Wash Stain Stain Example
Black Wash Stain
Brushed Arctic Stain Example
Brushed Arctic
Clear Oak Stain Example
Clear Oak
Dark Oak Stain Stain Example
Dark Oak Stain
Dark Walnut Stain Stain Example
Dark Walnut Stain
Flat Brushed Limed Oak Stain Example
Flat Brushed Limed Oak
Walnut Stain Stain Example
Walnut Stain
White Stain Stain Example
White Stain
Antique Oak Stain Stain Example
Antique Oak Stain

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