Acacia Wood Flooring

Acacia Flooring has a very distinctive clear yellow rich colour with subtle orange hues. There are no substitutes to the subtle nuances of the woods light grain and colour as you feel its bright character only available from an exotic species of wood like Acacia. The style and special characteristics that this wood will bring to your home are undeniable.

If you are looking for exotic wooden flooring Maples and Birch are the ultimate destinations in the UK. To have real solid or engineered Acacia Wood Flooring will really bring a room to life and give your house a distinctive yet subtle quality.

Comming from a strong a sturdy tree in West Africa, Acatia Flooring is a dark wood with subtle light hints that give this floor a distinguished character. It is a wood that will look good in many rooms including halls, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom. 

Acacia Navylam+ Parquet Bathroom Wood Flooring

Acacia Navylam+ Parquet Bathroom Wood Flooring

£108.33 per m2 ex VAT £130.00 per m2 inc VAT

Acacia is bright and light in appearance, its distinctive light golden colour tone with subtle golden streaks and natural interlocking grain which allows for a hardwearing surface, Acacia is suitable for  use in wet areas due to its genetic make up and is truely enhanced with the use of a unique integral joint and an oiled finish. NAV001 Certain exotic wood species have natural moisture repellant genes and Acacia Navylam+ is a unique wood floor parquet system for use in your bathroom or wet areas and is easy and fast to install. Each strip is pre-oiled with a double integrated joint and is pre-sanded with initial oiling, you just apply Navylam Water Tight Sealant* in to the integrated tongue and groove joints of each parquet strip then apply the Navylam Top Oil* so your parquet floor is completely watertight and looking unique. Oiled Exotic Hardwood License Certified  Sourced Integrated Black Rubber J..

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