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Environmental Benefits of Wood

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Not only do hardwood floorings radiate elegance and a high-quality finish to any room, but wooden flooring is also attractive to the eco-friendlier consumer, with both environmental and health benefits. Here’s how:

 Most people are unaware that majority of logging companies have a higher net growth of trees in comparison to their annual harvest. The sustainable logging industry is one which not only cares for the areas logged, but also for the consistent high-quality product to complete your home. A real benefit to the environment. No need to worry as all our products are ethically and sustainably sourced from around the globe.

With wooden flooring coming from natural, organic sources – there’s no need to worry about your carbon footprint when installing your new floor.  With most hardwood flooring lasting up to 50 years with correct maintenance, imagine how many times carpet or laminate flooring will need replacing across those decades. Engineered Hardwood flooring is also completely eco-friendly as it is both reusable and recyclable.

With regard to the environmental benefits of wood, statistics have proven that regeneration of trees allows for the majority of home owners across the US and Europe to be able to access high-quality hardwood flooring without having any negative impact on the environment and nature itself.

Since hardwood flooring has such a long lifespan, the need for a constant source is null. Simple mathematics tells us that hardwood flooring can in fact be accessible to all, with minimal to no effects on the environment.

An important and personal environmental benefit is that hardwood flooring can also be positive for your health, with scientifically proven abilities such as improving the quality of indoor air and thus preventing air-borne particles and lowering the susceptibility of those with allergies that could originate from carpet dust. With a solid or engineered hardwood floor, your home can be cleaner and healthier.

With minimal environmental impacts and a huge plethora of companies promoting a net positive harvest, it’s hard to see why someone wouldn’t want hardwood, benefiting from a healthier home and a carbon neutral planet.  The time has come to explorer how you can change your home today.

There was a time when only the super-rich could afford hardwood floors but that has changed.  Yes, hardwood floors are still a little more expensive than mass produced domestic ranges but the quality, aesthetics and longevity of the product more than make up for any extra costs.

If you are looking for wonderful and environmentally friendly addition to your home or work space then durable and beautiful hardwood flooring is the way to go.

Maples & Birch  has been proud  to participate at the prestigious Grand Designs Live shows since 2016, who’s show’s  at Excel in London during the Spring  and Birmingham’s Autumn  yearly.  Grand Designs have been focusing on the environment and sustainability.   We are always pleased to discuss with you how wooden flooring is a sensible environmentally friendly option.

You’re also always welcome to call us at Maples and Birch to discuss your needs and find out even more about the range that we have available.

Visit our catalogue pages to see the full range available or call us today for a sample of our hardwoods selection on Tel: 0845 293 9374 or email Sales at: [email protected]

Last update: Jan 03, 2020

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