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Can I install real wood floor in my bathroom?

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Through the years the question if real wood flooring could be used in wet areas like a bathroom, the professional answer has been a resolute no due to the nature of real wood and in some retail sectors selling Bamboo the answer has been a yes to close a sale.

Well we can confidently shout a resound YES, you can have a real wood floor in wet areas like a bathroom, Maples & Birch in partnership with Design Parquet offers you Navylam+ which is a unique wood floor parquet system for use in a wet rooms and bathrooms which is easy and fast to install.

Each strip is pre-oiled with a double integrated joint, it requires no sanding, or first coat oiling or complex joint laying, you just apply some glue in the integrated groove joints in each strip so the parquet floor is finished and completely watertight. Find out more about wooden bathroom floors and ten reasons why they work.

The Navylam+ range consist of exotic woods which are rich in colour and renowned for their absorbent qualities when oiled which then enhance the repellent qualities rather, exotic woods are deeper in tone and have true grain as opposed to the common oak wood floor.

So click here and see our exclusive range of real wood floors for use in your bathroom.

Last update: Apr 10, 2018

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