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How to measure your floor?

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People are often confused as to how a room should be measured for installation of realwood flooring, so please use this easy to follow guide on how to measure a room. Theseinstructions are supplied as a general guide to help you.

To eliminate doubt on room floor measurements just sketch the room and write down themeasurements as per our examples, use metric measurements when measuring it reallyis that simple.

Use a tape measure and measure the room from one wall to theopposite wall make a note of the distance). Now measure thedistance of the opposing walls to each other and make a note ofthis on your sketch.

Measure both walls, the width and the length, write down themeasurements i.e.: width = 3.15 metres or 315 cm and the length4.85metres or 485 cms. To calculate the area just multiply width xlength Area = 3.15 x 4.85 = 15.3m2 and add an additional 10% forwastage.

The most common room is the rectangle, usually with one door andperhaps 1 or 2 windows, this shape accounts for nearly all rooms inone way or another. The two basic dimensions are the width, usually the shorter of thewalls, and the length. When measuring it is easy to make a mistake, and when calculatingan area this mistake is compounded. So always remember Measure Twice.

When measuring the room, if it is an unusual shape with for example bay windows theoverall room flooring area measurements must still be taken. But do take themeasurements of the irregular shape i.e. the bay window from the widest points of thewidth and length.

Standard Room

  1. Identify the two widest areas (a =width b = length)
  2. Measure and note between the two identified areas
  3. Multiply the two sizes 4.35 x 5.25 = 22.83m2
  4. Total meterage required = 22.83m2

L Shaped Room

  1. Divide room into two rectangular sections
  2. Take the four sizes and multiply as below
  3. 2.33 x 5.25 = 12.23m2 and 1.75 x 4.25 = 7.43m2
  4. Add the two sizes together
  5. 12.23 + 7.43 = 19.76m2
  6. Total metres required 19.76m2

Complex Shaped Room/Hallway

  1. Divide room into three rectangular sections
  2. Take all sizes and multiply them as below...
  3. 1.10 x 1.75 = 1.925m2
  4. 1.10 x 1.75 = 1.925m2
  5. 5.00 x 1.00 = 5.00m2
  6. Add the three sizes together
  7. 1.925 + 1.925 + 5.00 = 8.85m2
  8. Total metres required 8.85m2
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