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Main Image for article We get asked many times, what is 3 strip flooring?

We get asked many times, what is 3 strip flooring?

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3 strip flooring is traditionally of an engineered structure where the top layer (often referred as veneer) of 3-5mm thickness of different sized lengths of wood in equal sized widths applied across the width of a plank.

Ecologically this type style/design and structure is proving sound as the waste of materials is kept to a minimum but creating a floor where every single stave of wood is different in appearance and as such each plank of 3 strip wood floor looks distinctive with its own individual colour, character and variety, blending into a beautiful floor. The amount of colour variation depends on the grade.

With such tight regulations and laws in place governed by the FSC and supported by governments of so many countries across the world the use of exotic woods that are protected like Merbau, Kempas, and Jatoba can be produced in 3 strip format without the dramatic impact on endangered species from managed farmed forest.

Last update: Oct 29, 2015

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