Cabreuva Wood Flooring

Cabreuva wood possesses an intrinsically uniform and straight wood grain and a defined texture that can range from fine to medium. Its typical colour pallet most often travels between yellow and a light red or salmon tint when the tree has been freshly cut. Over time after a tree has been cut, the colour will mature to a deep, reddish-brown hue. When exposed to an intense light source over a long period of time, the wood flooring will show anywhere from very moderate to a somewhat pronounced colour variation.

Cabreuva Solid Hardwood Flooring (Santos Mahogany)

Cabreuva Solid Hardwood Flooring (Santos Mahogany)


The KENS004 Cabrevua is for those who appreciate the finer things in life, there is no substitute with the subtle nuances of woods rich grain and colour as you feel its warmth and character only available from an exotic species Produced to Order / 6-8 Weeks Cabreuva is a unique species (also known as Santos Mahogany) and is available in a solid structure, as a protected species Cabreuva is hard to source and is very rich in colour with a inter-locking grain and produced to order with a Lifetime Structural Guarantee.   Lacquered  Micro Bevel Select Grade T&G 18mm x 83mm x RL 1.00m2 coverage per pack (to be conifrmed at point of order) ..

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