Cumaru Brazilian Teak Wood Flooring

When referred to hardwood flooring Cumaru is often called Brazilian Teak and is a very durable wood that is used for flooring. It has dark brown colours that can sometimes have a red or purple hue combined with a grain that resembles light streaks. Its strength is one of the biggest selling points of Cumaru floors rating 3540 on the Janka scale which is one of the hardest woods available and means it is perfect for heavy traffic areas or where you expect it to be exposed to dents, scratches and knocks (such as homes with pets or children). The colour is also a big selling point for its dark reddish brown colour and beautiful streaks make Brazilian Teak wood flooring a desired choice. 

As well as Brazilian Teak, Cumaru is called other names including Tonka or Tonka Bean but these are all the same wood. Cumaru is not actually related to Teak (Tectona grandis). If you are looking for something rich, dark coloured and highly durable in your home then Cumaru Brazilian Teak floors are the perfect option for you.

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Please note; as real wood is a natural product with variation, all images are representative of random selection and may not match the exact design of your ordered floor.
Cumaru (Brazilian Teak) Solid Hardwood Flooring

Cumaru (Brazilian Teak) Solid Hardwood Flooring


The KENS016 Cumaru (Brazilian Teak) is very exclusive and rare. So if you appreciate the finer things in life, there is no substitute to Brazilian Teak with its subtle nuances of woods rich grain with fine detail and colour. Produced to Order / 6-8 Weeks Cumaru is a ultra rare species (also known as Brazilian Teak) and is available in a solid structure, as a protected species Cumaru is hard to source and is very rich in colour with vague lines of dark and light honey and irregular blackish grain lines and produced to order with a Lifetime Structural Guarantee.   Lacquered  Micro Bevel Prime Grade T&G 18mm x 83mm x RL 1.00m2 coverage per pack (to be conifrmed at point of order) ..

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