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Engineered Herringbone Flooring

Parquetry or herringbone flooring was once only found in the houses of the elite as it required exceptional skill to lay and was an expense that only the most affluent could afford. 


Parquet flooring in the UK is most commonly as referred to as Herringbone Parquet which is only one of many patterns like Chevron, Basket Weave, Dutch and the least popular Brick pattern.

Herringbone is predominantly a French pattern but the most popular choice for new installations of Parquet Block flooring in the UK, patterns are laid in single or double format with and without a border be it single or double – now available as engineered Herringbone Flooring

The two most popular parquet styles are the chevron and herringbone designs with the latter dating back to Roman brickwork styles.

It is believed that the first major building to use parquet flooring was the magnificent Palace of Versailles located just outside of Paris.

This flooring design was achieved by hand cutting small pieces of various coloured hardwoods into squares, triangles, and diamond shapes which were then used to create a mosaic made from wood.  One of the most popular designs to emerge was the herringbone pattern.

For a brief time, starting in the 1930’s, the style fell from favour as wall-to-wall carpeting became the fashion but since the early 1980’s parquet has made a strong return and once again the herringbone style is a firm favourite.  Overall, the designs now used are far more simplistic and stylish in their minimalism and emphasise the beauty of the hardwood rather than the intricacy of the design.

Maples and Birch supply a range of different Engineered Herringbone Flooring options.  For example: Maple Prime 280mm Engineered Parquet Block – Engineered Herringbone Flooring. It has a rich and distinctive texture, clean character with superb wood grain.   Once installed it can be finished and then either oiled or lacquered.

Hardwood parquet is all about a bespoke floor that can combine different styles and finishes that matches your personal taste. Patterns that can be applied to parquet block floors are:

  • Diagonal Herringbone
  • Single Herringbone
  • Double Herringbone
  • Triple Basket Weave
  • Dutch Basket
  • Brick

Mosaic Parquet Woods

With the resurgence of parquet flooring, 5-Finger Mosaic has made a resurgence as people discover this classic floor under their old carpet, more-and-more designers and homeowners are looking to use exotic hardwoods where the grain is both beautiful and unusual with mosaic panels a stylish pattern option.


Maples and Birch stock a range of exciting species including: Izombe (African Teak) 5 Finger Mosaic Parquet, Sapele (Mahogany) 5 Finger Mosaic Parquet, Teak 5 Finger Mosaic Parquet and Merbau 5 Finger Mosaic Parquet. Naturally, Maples and Birch also supply parquet flooring in a wide range of traditional Oak.

Maples and Birch stock a range of exquisite Engineered Herringbone Flooring. Call us today for samples of our parquet hardwood flooring on Tel: 0845 293 9374.

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