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Grey Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Over the past five years the demand for Grey Engineered Hardwood Flooring has grown significantly year-on-year.  In fact, interest in grey wood floors has increased by 400% as can be seen from the trends graph below.

It just gets more popular!

Let’s face it, grey wood flooring is perfect for creating a contemporary atmosphere and modern living area while retaining natural elements such as wood grain and natural warmth.

Grey floors are also excellent at maximising available light and providing a strong contrast for elegant and colourful furniture. Most modern grey wood floors are generally light coloured and range from having a solid grey appearance to those instances where the grey tones are merely used to emphasise the natural colour of the wood. These balanced hues, sometimes known as driftwood and charcoal greys, can make almost any room appear brighter and more expansive.  It’s no wonder that they have become so very popular for bathrooms and open plan living areas.

Grey Wood Floors Graph

Engineered is best

Unlike solid wooden floor boards that have been stained and will vary in their quality of finish and aesthetic appeal - grey engineered wood flooring from Maples and Birch is produced to exacting and consistent standards of tone and hue using traditional oak.  Homeowners can be assured of a uniform and stylish finish right across their installation with a balanced natural variation.  However, if you really are determined to treat existing wood then it’s best to get a professional who has the necessary experience.  It’s not a simple task and can be quite expensive.

More variety - more uses

Over the past few years a much wider variety has become available to the homeowner and these range from grey tinted beige (griege) to solid deep tones that emphasise the natural grain of the wood across many shades. Some of the most popular include Smokehouse Grey Oak with its dark lustrous grain, Grey Wharf Oak reminiscent of bleached wooden harbours and Alpine Grey Herringbone which is lighter, parquet, and retains elements of natural colour just weathered to perfection.

The Designer’s Choice

Architects, designers and developers are choosing grey engineered wood flooring as they match handsomely in both period and contemporary properties.  They know that people want their homes to be relaxing sanctuaries and grey hardwood floors deliver this ambience. They are also adaptable and provide an 'ageless' quality that will never look old fashioned or passé.  Many real estate experts also believe the grey wooden floors will add value to a property.  It looks like grey is here to stay and hardwood is always in fashion.

Maples and Birch stock a range of exquisite grey wood floors. Call us today for samples of our hardwood flooring on Tel: 0845 293 9374.

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