Mahogany Wood Flooring

Give your home a sophisticated and luxurious look with some exquisite Mahogany flooring. The colour of this wood is rich and can range from a golden brown to a dark purplish red or even to burgundy that darkens as the wood ages. The intense and vibrant colours of this wood have made it a popular and famous wood and a beacon of opulence and the grain has a pleasing look. If you are looking to make a bold statement with your home design then a new Mahogany floor will definitely do this. It is undeniably opulent and is almost guaranteed to be noticed.

The name Mahogany can relate to many different species woods. For flooring, Santos-Mahogany is often used for its durability and strength. It is actually not related to Swietenia genus, which to some is considered true Mahogany or the popular African Mahogany (Khaya genus). This wood flooring would be perfect for a classic design and would work well with antique furniture but can also be used in modern decor if paired with the right furniture. 

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Please note; as real wood is a natural product with variation, all images are representative of random selection and may not match the exact design of your ordered floor.
Mahogany 5 Finger Mosaic Parquet

Mahogany 5 Finger Mosaic Parquet

£54.99 per m2 ex VAT £65.99 per m2 inc VAT

PQT025 Mahogany 5 Finger Mosaic is unfinished and solid in structure. It is distinctive, the texture, clean character and grain of the wood with little blemish is enhanced once either oiled or lacquered once installed 480mm x 480mm 8mm Pack Size: 2.30m2 NOTE: Due to the nature of Mahogany and the production process 5 finger squares in a 480mm x 480mm panels can vary with fluxtuation from dark to light and milling variation we suggest allowance be made for variance to achieve a smooth contrast of colour tone and installation.  ..

Mahogany Hi-Gloss Solid Wood Flooring

Mahogany Hi-Gloss Solid Wood Flooring

£80.72 per m2 ex VAT £96.86 per m2 inc VAT

The KENS046 Mahogany Hi-Gloss is one of the most distinctive and referred species of rich exotic woods, there is no substitute with the subtle nuances of woods rich grain and colour as you feel its warmth and character ..

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