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Pine Wood Flooring

Pine is distinctly yellow-white sapwood with reddish heartwood that is clearly demarcated from sapwood. Slower growing Paine has a fine texture, faster growing Pine shows a medium texture (Maritime Pine has a more coarse texture).

Slow grown Nordic pine is very easy to machine to a smooth surface. Knots are tightly fixed in the timber and normally limited in size.

The big red knots give a decorative character to the timber. All pines have a lot of resin canals. The wood is soft, medium in weight and has medium density.

The strength properties are good. Sawing and machining is easy, gluing can be difficult depending on the percentage of resin in the wood.

Other names: Scots pine - Pinus sylvestris; Nordic Scots pine - Pinus sylvestris; Maritime pine - Pinus pinaster

The growth range of the species is more vast than that of any other softwood. It can be found from Scotland to the Pacific Coast of Siberia, from Norway to Spain, from Arctic Siberia to Mongolia and also in the Mediterranean region.

Nordic Pine from Finland, Sweden, Norway grows up to a max 40m which makes it an ideal species for saw milling with a large volume of lumber produced in Scandinavia with Maritime pine naturally growing in the west.

Pine is a popular timber used in the building and construction industry, appiled for joinery usage for interiors  like wooden doors and windows as well for furniture and parquet.

Pine is also known as: Pinus-Sp - Scots pine - Pinus sylvestris; Nordic Scots pine - Pinus sylvestris; Maritime pine - Pinus pinaster

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Pine End Grain Natural Block Parquet Flooring

Pine End Grain Natural Block Parquet Flooring

£50.00 per m2 ex VAT £60.00 per m2 inc VAT

PQT061 Pine End Grain Natural Block , the end-grain block is distinctive for its the texture, and grain of the wood which is enhanced once either oiled or lacquered once installed. due to its natural end grain it makes for a very hardwearing surface with a vast variation Special Order: 4-6 Weeks Natural Unfinished Can also be used on walls 18mm x 58mm x 88mm 1m2 per pack ..

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