Tree Plank Oak Natural Oiled Engineered Hardwood Flooring

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Medium Natural coloured Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring In the Country Selection, that has a Oiled Finish with a Distressed Surface and is 15mm Thick and 190mm Wide.

The COUN073 Oak Tree Plank Natural Oil gives a natural feeling with true character and feeling of the grain which is maximized by applying a brushed finish and will really make any room stand out and further enhanced by a 4V micro bevel and distressed infilling

Tree Plank Oak is a rustic engineered hardwood floor that is finished in a natural Oil with a registered textured grain with handfilled long splits and comes with a Lifetime Structural Guarantee.  

  • Handfinished Filled
  • Natural Oiled
  • Bevelled
  • Rustic Grade
  • 15mm x 190mm x 1882
  • Solid Oak Layer
  • Click System
  • 2.861m2 coverage per pack

Wood Info
Floating Floor Installation

This type of installation is only suitable for engineered hardwood floors where the wooden planks are laid on an appropriate hardwood floor underlay floating freely on the underlay.

Each plank would be glued together applying a bead of PVA floor adhesive along the groove of the new floor plank and then knocked together using a traditional knocking block or pull bar.

Where an engineered board/plank is 15mm or less then hardwood floors may use a click locking system as opposed to a standard tongue and groove, this allows install without the use of any adhesive.

When installing a floor on to a ground floor area then the use of moisture barrier is required be it in the form of plastic DPM or a quality underlay with a built in moisture barrier.

installing glued down engineered flooring

Glue/Stick Down Installation

This type of installation is where the wooden floor is stuck directly to a concrete subfloor using a special adhesive, which remains flexible indefinitely while still having immense bonding strength.

This enables the wood to expand and contract without damaging the structure of the timber, when a wood floor is stuck down a liquid damp proof membrane is required which is formulated to work with the adhesive for added strength.

installing glued down engineered flooring

Secret Nailing

This type of installation is where the wooden planks are nailed using cleats into the tongue of the new floor board at 45°, into either a suitable sized existing wood (pine or ply) board subfloor or on to battens. When installing a floor on to a ground floor area then the use of a special membrane is required

how to install a secret nailing floor

Moisture Barrier

When installing any hardwood floor on to a ground floor area then the use of the appropriate moisture barrier is required be it a plastic or liquid DPM, if installation on a screeded sub-floor then the a primer is required.

Maintaining a real wood Floor is essential to ensure the sense of richness, warmth and natural beauty, maintaining a real wood floor you will gradually get to know its distinct personality and visual harmonies in your home.

Proper use of vacuuming, sweeping, and spray mopping is usually all that is required to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of a wood floor, like all floors, excessive grit and foot traffic will affect appearance.

Lacquered floors

The use of quality branded wood floor Cleaners/cleaning kits is essential for the up-keep, durability of lacquered wood floors, so don't be fooled by cheap supermarket cleaners as some products can be harmful to the surface finish.

Never use oil/wax soaps should not be used to clean wood floors, we suggest the use of leading branded cleaning and maintenance products from Bona, Marldon and Osmo

Oiled and Hardwaxed floors

Oiled and Hardwax treated real wood floors require more up-keep and it essential to use the appropriate maintenance kits and fluids on a regular schedule which are developed by manufacturers who truly understand wood floors so never opt for the more economical option or settle for unbranded aftermarket products use brands like Marldon, Osmo, WOCA and Bona

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Do I need to make any special arrangements for delivery?

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