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Parquet Wood Flooring

We have one of the largest ranges of parquet in the UK with various hard-to-find, exotic woods and designs in our range. Parquet comes in blocks (which are very small boards) and can be arranged in a number of different patterns.

For centuries parquet flooring has been a status symbol with its opulent design and the large variety of patterns and styles available. The difficulty of installation where it requires a high degree of skill and can sometimes be considered close to art also contributed to the high regard for parquet.

These days it is easier and cheaper to buy and install parquet flooring but it still creates a stunning impact on any room. If you are looking for flooring that can be a talking piece and makes your room look like a work of art then parquet wood flooring might be what you need.

The process of getting a new parquet floor is a bit more complicated than engineered or solid wood flooring. You need to decide on a pattern/design, work out the number of blocks you need for that pattern and there installation can be more restrictive which can be somewhat daunting This is why we offer a number of services that can help you create the perfect parquet flooring system for you and the requirements of your home. Whether it is a small hallway, grand ballroom or a whole house we can aid you in creating your ideal wood floor at a reasonable price that will last years to come, we can assist you in any stage of the process from supply to design to installation.

If you want to talk to one of our flooring experts, please give us a call on 0333 533 3330fill out our enquiry form or use the live chat at the bottom right of the page (is an agent is online and available).

Limitations of Parquet

Parquet flooring is normally installed on the ground floor as it normally requires a solid flooring base (like concrete) so you will generally see this type of design in a hallway, drawing, dining or living room. It is not normally used in small rooms as the pattern can sometimes look a bit disorganised but it is not impossible with the right pattern and product.

Installing a Parquet floor is a highly skilled art professional a skill and tradition formed from years of experience and quality fitting of wooden flooring. Our Parquet installers are amongst the most experienced and qualified in their field within the UK.

Parquet Flooring Patterns

As it is made up of small blocks you can have a number of different designs for your parquet wood flooring. Some can be simple (like plain blocks or laid in regular/irregular lengths laid as strip flooring) some more complicated (like herringbone, square basket or diagonal) and sometimes people have a bespoke piece of art made with various shades in the middle of your floor.

Whatever the design it will require a skilled and experienced installer to make sure your flooring is fit correctly and looks as it should. It is not an easy process and definitely not suggested without experience installing parquet flooring.

Some people choose to have a border around their parquet wood flooring that can make the floor more distinctive while others choose to have a clean effect with no border. If you choose to have a border you can choose specialist parquet border pieces that can be longer and thinner than the other blocks. You can also have the border a different shade or species to make the flooring stand out even more.

Here are some examples of some of the more popular parquet patterns you can have in your home.

Single HerringboneSingle Herringbone
Double HerringboneDouble Herringbone
Square Diagonal HerringboneSquare Diagonal Herringbone
Single BrickSingle Brick
Square BasketSquare Basket
Square Basket DiagonalSquare Basket Diagonal
Diagonal Herringbone & BorderDiagonal Herringbone with Border
Double Herringbone & BorderDouble Herringbone with Border
Single HerringboneSingle Herringbone with Border
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