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Why Buy From Maples & Birch?

Maples & Birch are the UK’s leading online purveyors of hardwood flooring with an extensive range of hardwood floors at a premium value compared to hardwood floors available from online retailers or discount warehouses.

As an online hardwood flooring retailer we have no fancy showrooms, we value Quality, Information and Service and always place this value ahead of artificially discounted prices with ability offer free sampling of the hardwood flooring range.

We place quality always ahead of price when selecting our hardwood flooring range, that’s why Maples & Birch are Purveyors of hardwood flooring with a range of Woods that are as extensive and of a higher quality to ranges available from online discount retailers.

Our range of hardwood floors differ from many of the cheaper hardwood floors sold within the UK, which are normally sourced in vast quantities and low prices and as such compromise on quality.

When you buy a hardwood floor, you are making a wise environmental choice for both the indoor environment and the planet.

Choosing a Maples & Birch engineered hardwood floor means you are making the smarter and greener choice.

Maples & Birch are dedicated to sourcing quality engineered hardwood floors and to do achieve this we ensure we select manufactures (supply source) and producer-mills that are innovative and who ensue environmental friendly ways of producing our flooring range.

Usually buying online is a faceless interaction with little support and advice, at Maples & Birch we are here to help be it online or over the phone. When you have the need to seek advice you are guaranteed that you are a simple click or a phone call away with one of our seasoned professional advisors who have an in-depth experience in hardwood and parquetry flooring something.

Given the age of online retailing old habits are hard to shrug and at Maples & Birch appreciate that you the customer may still want to touch and feel the product so we offer the free sampling. Looking at the flooring samples in your home is still considered the best way to make the best selection according to experienced interior designers as opposed to off site in a showroom.

To be able to offer our customers truly beautiful natural looking hardwood floors that are either modern with trending finishes or classical in appearance  with a blend of the old we challenge ourselves by selecting the right grade and tone of wood to capture the natural beauty and expression of wood.

To achieve this we ensure that all our range of hardwood floors combine natural character with cutting edge innovation, to produce the highest quality, design led and sustainable hardwood flooring.

Because of our desire to source only the highest quality that all our hardwood floors carry a lifetime structural guarantee.

Did you know that by using wood as a floor covering it is the greenest of all materials for use as a floor covering?

Maples & Birch ethically only sell hardwood floors that are milled from trees that are sourced from sustainable ethical farmed forests regulated by ethical environmental groups/bodies that govern the planets valuable environmental forest.

To ensure this we insist from our suppliers that all sourced hardwood materials involves the replanting of forests and showing consideration for the environment in every step of the process to produce our exciting range of hardwood floors.

We also insist that as part of the supply chain that mills and producers adheres to strict ethical guidelines regards resources and labour.

Each hardwood floor is selected for their unique properties, authenticity and sourced without compromise on quality to produce a unique range of hardwood floors.

With the quest for modern fashion trends in interiors, we have drawn inspiration from the UK’s talented young interior designer, Georgie Osborne to create the Designer Collezione. Drawing on Georgie’s experience and style to create a range of hardwood floors which draws on the styles and colour trends and finishes,

Parquet hardwood floors are distinctive and unique, commonly known as herringbone or mosaic in the UK despite these being a pattern. With our Vanguard-Parquet range we offer a wide range of options in different sized herringbone blocks in both solid and engineered blocks which are unfinished and prefinished as well pre-made planks in chevron and basket pattern along with the 5-finger mosaic panels.

The Metro-Range delivers a traditional finish and yet simple in style with single plank Oak and 3 strip engineered hardwood floors that have clean simple lines that are decoratively metropolitan and neutral.

With the Country-Selection you’ll find a quality range of engineered hardwood floors that are rustic but look natural by the creative use of oiled and stained finishes in various width planks and thickness.

If you like the look of a hardwood floor that has an aged look showing years of distress and wear then the Cotswold-Collection has an extensive choice of hardwood floors in different colour tones which are specifically distressed or hand-scraped by to deliver a look of a wood floor that has been in situ for many years before.

The Kensington Collection offers the unique chance to select an exotic hardwood floor from a range of contemporary and rich exotic species which are ethically sourced under license; these species are not commonly available on the high street or online as most species are ethically protected. Our entire range of exotic hardwood flooring carries a full chain of custody by the world’s leading ethical commissions.

Why us, with Maples & Birch you have the UK widest range hardwood flooring options with the confidence and expectancy of a lifetime investment in your home with a structural guarantee to match as well being of the highest quality.

“Home is a place where a person lives, spends much of their time or feels generally comfortable with. Home is often a place of refuge and safety, where worldly cares fade, with things and people you love becoming the focus. Home is central to one’s life, primarily emotional, and partially physical. It is an environment offering affection and security”

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