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The colour of spruce hardwood can vary from off white to pale yellow with a hint of reddish-brown so the Heartwood is less distinctive from the sapwood.

Spruce hardwood is also used as decorative plywood and veneer, domestic flooring, factory flooring, general carpentry, interior construction, joinery (external).

The typical uses for spruce hardwood are structural and end uses for in-doors and out-doors, making it one of most important building and construction timbers throughout Europe.

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Spruce has a natural straight-grain with narrow and a natural texture and it’s not unusual to find resin canals of the wood is softer, lower in weight but with a medium density of good strength.

Generally, milling is easy when sawn and machined so has less impact from an ECO point, Spruce is known to split when nailed.

Spruce is widely available throughout Europe being a tree of timber with major economic importance.

Being of a large cylindrical trunk (large diameter up to 1.5m) that can grow to a height of up to 55m.

Spruce hardwood is normally sourced from parts of Europe which include Eastern and Central, showing good resonance qualities and as such is often used in the making of musical instruments like a sound base for pianos and structures of violins and guitars.

Spruce is also known as: Picea-Abies, Whitewood, Norway spruce

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