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Tigerwood is typically a medium reddish brown with irregularly spaced streaks of dark brown to black which tend to darken with age, grain can be straight but is usually wavy or interlocked and is uniform in texture with a good natural lustre.

Due to its distinctive darker streaks and rich colour, it was awarded the name Tigerwood due to its familiarity to Tigers by established US importers for ease of pronunciation. Tigerwood is commonly referred to as Zebrawood in the UK or Brazilian Tigerwood in Europe when used as flooring as opposed to Goncalo Alves as a species.

Tigerwood offers superb stiffness, strength, hardness, and durability. However, density and other mechanical properties can vary widely depending on the growing site and the source region.

Maples & Birch ethically only sell Tigerwood that is milled from trees sourced from sustainable ethical farmed forests which are regulated by ethical environmental groups/bodies that govern the planets valuable environmental forests.

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Tigerwood / Goncalo Alves is your typical Tropical Hardwood rich in colour and grain, was often used a substitute for Rosewood.

As a species Goncalo Alves / Tigerwood is less well known but is considered as potentially endangered ‘CITES 2’ allowing limited use under very strict licenses with a proven chain of custody. Maples & Birch strictly ensure that our suppliers adhere to this.

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