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Oiled Wood Flooring

Oiled Wood Flooring provides protection from both the inside and outside by penetrating deeply into the pores of the wood allowing it to breathe and hardens on the surface.

The oiled coating consists of 100% natural ingredients including linseed oil, tung oil or sunflower oil.

There are two major advantages of an oiled wood floor; firstly, nothing compares to the beauty of an oiled wood floor.

Secondly, the wood pores remain open so the hardwood appears more natural compared to lacquered wood floors, some people feel lacquer has a slight ‘plastic-like’ appearance. Lacquered floor needs very little maintenance, you simply vacuum and damp mop with floor cleaner and it will get rid of tough stains.

The pre-application of natural oil to parquet hardwood floor deepens the natural colour of the wood.

It brings out the natural beauty of the grain and soaks right into the wood, by being pre-finished the overall cost of installing parquet is lower to that of unfinished parquet,

Once the floor has been laid it is advisable to treat the surface immediately with a top coat of hard-wax oil so as to give it a protective layer.

The beauty of using natural oils is that if the floor becomes scratched or bruised the damaged area can easily be touched in by applying another coat of hard-wax oil.

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