Maples And Birch

Distressed Wood Flooring

Distressed Hardwood Floors are styled and designed to give the impression of the old and worn feel of years of usage in a new hardwood floor.

Each of the Distressed Hardwood boards will be Natural / Extra-Rustic in grade giving a natural look with natural knots, cracks and splits that are filled and edges that are rough these features allow the board to deliver that aged and used look of decades of use.

Our range of quality Distressed Oak Hardwood floors all vary with extra features like inserted wing-knots and squared fills made from Oak all don’t by hand (not a machine) to give that added distressed feel and characteristics similar to that of an old reclaimed floorboard.

Distressed wooden flooring is perfect when you want to recreate a design that needs to have that old world feel the look of being lived with and worn. Distressed wood floors create a warm yet cosy feel with an authentic timeworn look.

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