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Baltic Reclaimed Oak Wood Flooring

The demand for more authentic aged hardwood floors is getting more popular but due to its rarity, it is becoming harder to source and at a premium.

Centuries-old reclaimed wood emerges from a time when wood was in abundance in Europe and was used as the principal building material and stands the test of time.

In old Soviet countries, many old profound buildings have been left to rot in a dire state of dilapidation to demolition creating a prime source reclaimed hardwood and not any hardwood but Oak.

Our range of reclaimed floors is made and milled from an old oak that is steeped in history and get a second lease of life as the Baltic Reclaimed Oak range.

The Baltic Reclaimed Oak collection consists of 4 different finishes in multi-width planks and herringbone blocks that are engineered in structured and finished with natural oil to enhance the natural characteristics.

Reclaimed oak is made from beams and floorboards from buildings of 300 years that are listed for demolishment. Each piece of oak is historically aged that is ethically sourced from abandoned/dilapidated buildings in Eastern-Europe.

Every plank is checked for structural integrity, kilned for domestic usage and treated for any imperfections or microbes so it can be re-milled by artisans to craft quality Engineered Oak hardwood floors.

Baltic Reclaimed Oak delivers a genuinely unique look of a bygone time that cannot be replicated by artificial milling and that is a great ecological offering with quality of modern hardwood floors that is guaranteed.

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