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Robinia Wood Flooring

Robinia Flooring has a very distinctive golden brown that can be confused with Acacia Walnut

The sapwood is narrow with a defined from heartwood which is green but turns brown after drying

There are no substitutes to the subtle nuances of the woods light grain and colour as you feel its bright character only available from an exotic species of wood like Robinia.

The style and special characteristics that this wood will bring to your home are undeniable.

Maples & Birch ethically only sell Robinia that is milled from trees sourced from sustainable ethical farmed forests which are regulated by ethical environmental groups/bodies that govern the planets valuable environmental forests.

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If you are looking for exotic wooden flooring Maples and Birch are the ultimate destinations in the UK. To have engineered Robinia Wood Flooring will really bring a room to life and give your house a distinctive yet subtle quality.

Coming from a strong a sturdy tree that is a native of North America, the tree was introduced into Europe, Asia and New Zealand.

Robinia Flooring is dark wood with subtle light hints that give this floor a distinguished character. It is a wood that will look good in many rooms including halls, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom.

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