Maples And Birch

Brushed Wood Flooring

The surface of the board is brushed to remove the soft fibres from the grain leaving a textured open surface.

When the hardwood is brushed it gives a textured finish to the surface area available in both natural to heavy brushing.

Brushed textured finish is produced by having a rotary wire brush go over the surface of the board removing the softer grains and leaves the upper surface with a textured feel.

Natural Brushed is where there is a lighter texture achieved by softer bristles whereas heavy is deeper and more apparent using a harder brush.

Brushed textured surface floors are available in Matt-Lacquered, Natural Oil and UV Oiled finish.

Being brushed allows the core texture of the grain to feel more natural with the benefit of allowing natural grip for slip resistance and mask daily wear and tear especially when you have children and pets.

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