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Afzelia (also called Doussie) has a beautiful reddish-orange tint to the wood that can give a warm feeling in your home. With a hardness rating of 1810, this species is harder than some other light coloured exotic woods and can be a good choice for high traffic rooms or homes with children or pets.

Afzeilia hardwood flooring has an interlocked grain that is quite uniform although it can be somewhat irregular, this is desired by people looking for a minimalist floor with but with the warm colouring can fit nicely into a traditional design as well.

Maples & Birch ethically only sell Afzellia that is milled from trees sourced from sustainable ethical farmed forests which are regulated by ethical environmental groups/bodies that govern the planets valuable environmental forests.

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The tree this wood comes from grows in central Africa and is a popular import into the UK and Europe and is often favourably compared to the highly popular woods Mahogany and Teak mostly for the colour as well as its durability. Usually finished with lacquer or oils Afzelia flooring could be the ideal wood flooring for your home refurbishment project.

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