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Morados colour can be highly varied, ranging from reddish/orange to a dark violet/brown, usually with contrasting darker black streaks its narrow sapwood is a pale yellow and is clearly demarcated from the heartwood.

Grain is typically straight, though sometimes slightly irregular or interlocked depending on the species. Fine, even texture and a naturally high luster though depending on the particular species, the wood can have a coarser, more fibrous texture.

Morado is so similar in appearance and working properties to rosewood, it is also sometimes referred to as Bolivian or Santos Rosewood. The wood has been used in various capacities as a substitute for the endangered‚ Brazilian Rosewood.

Maples & Birch ethically only sell Morado that is milled from trees sourced from sustainable ethical farmed forests which are regulated by ethical environmental groups/bodies that govern the planets valuable environmental forests.

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Appearance-wise Morado is uniformed with a moderately coarse texture. The level of Morado’s hardness makes for a durable Hardwood floor as is generally regarded as being hard and dense which is dimensional stable as wood flooring and is naturally sourced from FSC® regulated farmed forest.

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