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Curupau (Kayapay) Wood Flooring

Curupau / Karapay is naturally greyish-brown that does darken once sawn and exposed changing to a beautiful reddish brown with steaks that make for a beautiful board with a unified texture and long grain making a stunning wood floor.

Curupay / Karapay is also known as Cherry Diamond and Patagonian Rosewood. Curupau / Karapay is naturally sourced from FSC® regulated farmed forest.

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Due to Curupau’s / Karapay’s natural reddish and light pink tones that make for a very stunning hardwood floor making it very versatile for interior design thanks to its contrasted combination of rich reddish brown hues and natural cross grain. Using the Janka hardness rating Curupau / Karapay wood flooring is very hardwearing which is also more impact resistant and will darken once installed.

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