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Lacquered Wood Flooring

The biggest selling pre-finished hardwood floors are lacquered, for as long as hardwood has been used as a floor covering a varnish has been applied to seal and protect the surface as the preferred finish for many wooden floors, basically varnished and lacquered are the same thing.

Lacquered hardwood floors today water-based and applied using mechanised application methods to allow a very smooth and clean finish without brush lines, nothing looks more unsightly is a new clean floor with a rough finish.

All our Lacquered Wood floors are finished in matt or satin finishes which are water-based so eco-friendly making them easy to maintain, all lacquered finishes have a built-in UV protection. Some select products are finished in hi-gloss

It’s so easy to manage the upkeep of Lacquered Hardwood Floors, there is no need to top-up or refresh the finish. This is especially practical if you have a young family or pets, the simple application regular maintenance is made easy with the availability of modern spray mops for hardwood floors.

Lacquered hardwood floors can be easily refurbished when age and wear finally take its toll so need to replace just refurbish.

Our range of quality Lacquered Hardwood Floors are finished to a high standard using eco-friendly manufacturing processes, if you have a busy lifestyle then Lacquered Hardwood Flooring is for you.

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