Maples And Birch

Chevron Parquet

Chevron is similar to herringbone but has some very significant differences. Whereas the blocks or strips used for herringbone are rectangular, Chevron planks are cut with either a 45 degree or a 60 degree angle forming the shape of a parallelogram. 

These angled edges are flush aligned whereas herringbone blocks overlap.

The chevron pattern as part of parquet floor designs is believed to have been fashioned after a 16th century style of embroidery most likely named after Elizabeth of Hungary and called Point de Hongri.

For centuries Chevron parquet flooring has been a status symbol with its opulent design and the large variety of patterns and styles available.

There is a difficulty of installation where it requires a high degree of skill and can sometimes be considered close to art also contributed to the high regard of parquet.

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