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End Grain Parquet Flooring

End Grain Parquet hardwood flooring is great for industrial busy environments as it is durable and low maintenance, especially when finished with an oil finish proving long term performance with an economical.

As far back as 1890 End-Grain block flooring was used across Europe and America in manufacturing factories as it provided a forgiving surface for dropped metal components, this flooring is still active today.

Due to the pure hard wearing ability of End Grain as a type of structure makes End Grain hardwood flooring attract more of a premium as opposed to standard prime or rustic grades with a more involved production process from being felled to milling.

Installations dating back nearly 100 years are still performing well, the end block is available as single blocks similar to bricks or in mosaic panels of 3 fingers making a square panel.

What is End Grain?  Well, End Grain is when you are actually looking at the growth rings of a tree, such as a stump when you are able to count the seasons that tree has lived so basically End grain is like the top of a  bundle of straws.

Once installed, the end grain has a unique non-repeating appearance, acoustically absorbent and are the most durable and resilient flooring surfaces available.

End Grain is made by continuously cross-cutting or slicing logs or cants into blocks or rounds, with the annual growth rings exposed on every piece.

Blocks are carefully selected then precision-machined, kiln-dried and turned on end. With 3 finger blocks, each individual end grain finger of the 3:1 blocks are assembled together with a soft mesh backing to allow easy installation.

When applying a finish we advise a natural oil as it penetrates deep into the end grain allowing the hard annual growth rings to carry the wear.


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