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Mosaic Parquet

Mosaic Finger parquet is made up of uniform strips of wood – usually between four and six – to form a square shape.

This pattern is then repeated across the floor with each alternating set of wooden strips set at a 90-degree angle, the result is an attractive geometric display that is far more flowing than standard checkerboard parquet.

Finger mosaics saw a popular upsurge from the ’60s through to the ’70s especially through pre-finished that were pre-glued backed panels available from high street stores

With the slight colour gradient between the strips also softens the look and feel.  Finally, because of the in-square patterns, it is possible to match the available space more effective.

Both checkerboard and 5 finger mosaic can be set aligned to the walls or set at an angle to create more of a visual diamond effect and the insertion of a border.

For centuries parquet flooring has been a status symbol with its opulent design and the large variety of patterns and styles available.

The difficulty of installation where it requires a high degree of skill and can sometimes be considered close to art also contributed to the high regard of parquet.

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