Maples And Birch

Pattern Parquet Blocks

Pattern Parquet ooze style and class, blocks/strips of Oak hardwood are applied to an engineered structured board by hand to create a pattern that is stylish and yet classical.

As these boards are prefinished and pre-made it makes the installation of elaborate parquet patterns easy to install at less of a premium.

Pattern Parquet Oak hardwood floors deliver a very distinctive and exclusive look that delivers class and hints the art European parquet from Holland and Italy which epitomises the synergy where modern and rustic are incorporated.

Dutch pattern is a classical parquet basket weave pattern that draws from the traditional parquet found in Dutch Castles and Mansions dating back more than 200 years with the twist of natural and modern colour tones made by hand by master craftsmen

Venetian pattern itself enhances any room with a rich and distinctive style, Venetian pattern parquet floors delivers style and opulence whilst being a pattern that is unique and stylish and not the norm and is offset with a define bevel between each block/strip of oak.

End Grain Parquet delivers a very unique style with a plank of square cut-milled End-Grain panels with a natural oiled finish to each plank enhanced by a grey stain then finished in natural oil to create a floor that oozes style.

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