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About EU Charges and Price Increases

With the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union (EU) little has been reported on the actual price increases and charges that have an impact on your purchase of items that are produced in the any of the EU countries.

To ensure the quality of exotic and other hardwood floors, Maples & Birch have always sourced our range of speciality and exotic hardwood flooring from France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Portugal.

Due to Brexit many of our wooden floors which are produced and sourced to order are now subject to different rules and additional administration which will incur extra charges that were not foreseen. These charges are now in place and unfortunately, we must pass these costs on to you, the customer.

We have softened the impact of these price increases as much as we can, but it is only fair to explain this to you as we do not source containers of wood from the far east which are of a much lower quality.

EU Administration & Custom Charges

About EU Charges and Price Increases

When you place an order for one of our speciality hardwood floors the order is classed and consigned which involves extra charges for transport and customs documentation as well as the use of a specific type of pallet to be allowed into the UK.

All hardwood flooring which is produced and sourced to order now need to prove it has documented certificates of ethical sourcing and chain of custodies which prior would not have been chargeable when the UK was part of the European Union.

About EU Charges and Price Increases

Haulage Charges 

Another factor is that there has been an increase in haulage charges from EU countries as well as the increases from hauliers in the UK. These price increases are varied from 15-25% due to the extra duties levied on them.

In summary, when you order and pay for shipping that involves products from the EU or within the UK you will incur increases be it on the product or the shipping.

About EU Charges and Price Increases

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