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Afrormosia Wood Flooring

Afrormosia is typically a yellowish brown and on occasion will have an either reddish or olive hue. Colour tends to darken with age; the grain is usually straight, though it can also be interlocked with a fine uniform texture and good natural lustre.

Along with Iroko, Afrormosia is sometimes referred to as African Teak though it is not closely related to genuine Teak (Tectona grandis) and was revered as a suitable alternative to Teak but is also as limited in availability today.

Strictly available to order we offer Afrormosia in both solid and engineered structure in accordance to license.

Maples & Birch ethically only sell Afromosia that is milled from trees sourced from sustainable ethical farmed forests which are regulated by ethical environmental groups/bodies that govern the planets valuable environmental forests.

Afrormosia does look somewhat similar to Teak, has similar working and mechanical properties, and is extremely durable applications; for these reasons, its used with a fair degree of success as a substitute for Teak.

As a species Afrormosia is listed was considered as endangered ‘CITES 1’ but is now listed as ‘CITES 2’ allowing limited use under very strict licenses with proven chain of custody. Maples & Birch strictly ensure that our supply adhere to this.

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