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Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid wood flooring construction

The Cotswold and Country flooring offers a superb collection of distressed, hand-scraped and oiled ranges, offering a portfolio of beautiful timbers in various finishes. Maples & Birch solid wood flooring provides a stylish option to suit both modern and traditional looks. Maples & Birch sources its products the leading producers of solid wood floors giving a very wide range of wood species and surfaces, so no matter what type of floor you choose you will always get the best.

Wood Flooring Cuts – The angle at which a board is cut makes big differences in how the finished product looks. Wood flooring is either plain-sawn, quarter-sawn or rift-sawn.

Plain-sawn is the most common cut. The board contains more variation than the other two cuts because figure patterns resulting from the growth rings are more conspicuous. Quarter-sawing produces less board feet per log than plain-sawing and is therefore more of a premium.

Quarter-sawn wood twists and cups less and wears more evenly. Rift-sawn is similar to quarter-sawn, but the cut is made at a slightly different angle.

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