Maples And Birch

Hand-Scraped Wood Flooring

The finish of hand-scraped floors suggests that the floor has been lived for many years and has survived many years of foot traffic which only adds to its charm. Hand Scraped Hardwood Floors are available in Lacquered, Natural-Oiled, UV-Oiled in various tones in boards of various widths

There are a number of options for how distressed you want your floor. Different products may have lighter or heavier distress and you will get a better feel for this by ordering a sample which you can do for many of the products through our website. It may also be beneficial to talk to one of our expert advisors about your Hand Scraped Engineered Flooring which you can do by calling 0333 533 3330 or using the live support chat if it is online. Our range of flooring is vast and we have access to one of the largest collections in the UK, so we are as close to guaranteed to find what you want as is possible.


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