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I have asthma. Which is the best floor option for me?

Over the last five years, there has been a 20% growth in asthma-related deaths in the UK.  According to statistics, we in the UK, have the worst rate of deaths caused by asthma in Europe. 

Around 5.4 million people in the UK suffer from asthma, which is around 8% of the population, but more worryingly there are a larger proportion of young people suffering with the illness.

The Asthma Insights and Realities in Europe (AIRE) Study produced statistics based on their research which showed that 28% of the population had sleep disruption due to asthma. 63% of patients said that only the symptoms can be treated rather than the condition and 92% of patient’s perceived asthma to be increasing in the UK.

Some types of flooring may breed unhealthy conditions for asthma sufferers. Most of the floor coverings in UK homes are carpets. Carpets have long soft fibres which trap dust and dirt allergens.

If pets share the space, pet hair may stay trapped in the carpet fibres even after high-powered vacuuming. Dust mites live in the dust that is lodged in carpets and other soft furnishings and it is their droppings that cause the problem as it is a substance in the droppings that cause the allergic reaction. 

There’s no easy way to get rid of dust mites. Unfortunately, research suggests that whatever you do you’re unlikely to make a useful difference to the number of dust mites in your home and you would need to put in lot of effort just to reduce numbers slightly.

However, people with asthma have found that flooring which is easy to keep clean, such as hardwood flooring, is best for reducing for the impact of dust mites since potential asthma triggers are more visible and can be removed with ease using a dust mop. The smooth surface on a hardwood floor does not trap dust mites or pet hairs the way carpet does, and is, therefore, easier to keep allergen-free. 

There has been a drive to reduce the level of volatile organic compounds in the floors and the floor finishes which ensures that hardwood floors are the ideal choice for asthma sufferers.

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