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What Is End Grain Hardwood Flooring

End-Grain wood flooring is made of lumber that is sawn width wise in to tiles or blocks to create a unique type of hardwood flooring and is actually very traditional as far was wood flooring goes. 

The End-Grain hardwood flooring is milled from wooden blocks that are from timber ends and sawn crosswise to the grain as opposed the length from which standard hardwood floors are milled and produced. 

  1. Surface Grain – This would be the vertical point of the tree prior to being felled
  2. End Grain – This would be horizontal point of the tree prior to being felled

The surface area of the hardwood floors visibly displays annual rings of the tree grain plainly and making End-Grain wood floors look unique compared to that of a standard off the shelf hardwood floor. 

This means that wood’s deep grain is clearly visible and upward facing which makes for a hardwood block floor that is incredibly durable which makes for the most hard-wearing hardwood floor, it is worthy to note that End-Grain parquet floors have stood the test of time in many revered preserved buildings.

Is End-Grain Flooring hardwearing?

History shows how durable End-Grain blocks were as they were used as industrial factory floor covering but with the of emergence modern technology End-Grain hardwood floors were replaced with cheaper advanced industrial floors.

End-Grain blocks were even used to pave road or for street paving across Europe and Asia as they were structurally more able to cope and deal with wear and tear of foot traffic and horse and carts. End-Grain is also used for high-end cutting/chopping boards and by traditional Butchers in the chopping blocks, the reasons for this is because it more durable and also more hygienic.

Today End-Grain Flooring is recognised by Interior Designers and Stylist for being a striking feature in any home or environment as well as delivering a combination of durability, warmth and a feeling lifelike.

Does End-Grain Wood Floor Get Easily Damaged by Water?

The myth is that wood and water do not bow well but with End-Grain floors being more durable the natural wood-end fibres of the tree that feed it during its growth are naturally open meaning that it can absorb more moisture and will dry out but this also applies than standard hardwoods, this only applies when the wood floor is left over exposed to moisture and is not finished with a natural oil/hard wax or lacquer to seal the surface and edges. 

End-Grain Hardwood Flooring

Maples & Birch have several types of End-Grain hardwood flooring structures which includes mosaic parquet panels, solid blocks and engineered planks, these structure types which overcomes the problems with End-Grain hardwood that is associated with expansion and contraction.

Our range of mosaic End-Grain are available in solid  and engineered Oak flooring which are easier to install as well as being more stable than general end grain floors.

Our range of Solid End-Grain hardwood floors which are available in the following wood species; Larch, Oak, Spruce, Pine, and Fumed-Oak.

Browse our growing range and choices of End-Grain hardwood floors

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