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Purchasing a hardwood floor for your home is a major outlay and investment and for this reason, as well as being prudent getting trying to get the floor you want at the lowest price is of importance.

Within the flooring industry discounts are rife when comparing branded floors against different online retailers and independent shops on the high street which only serves to devalue the floor and put those businesses at risk from financial difficulties which results in many going bust.


In today’s world of retailing both online and on the high street the effect and integrity of the offers you see are not as genuine as you may think and can be quiet deceptive…. 

Who remembers the ‘Allied Carpet Sale’, week after week you would see that ‘Allied Carpets’ would have a Sale on with massive reductions and if you take second to think about it we are sure that you will be able to recall a couple of furniture retailers that use the same tactics today.

Because we are often asked if we do discounts or have any Sales coming up to which our answer is always ‘No we do not’. 

Maples & Birch strive to ensure our prices are maintained throughout the year and only increase when the cost price increases and believe it or not when and that’s only when the price actually decreases (not as often as we would like) we will adjust the price accordingly.

As a purveyor of quality hardwood flooring, we value our quality of product and service by offering a Life Time Structural guarantee and source our hardwood flooring from quality suppliers. This is because we know we are not able to compete with discount online retailers who offer a more limited range than ourselves and source in vast quantities from the far-east at a lesser quality.

We want to share some insight into the discounts and offers we have witnessed and experienced when flooring retailers both online or on the high street, so please read our views on what are genuine offers and which are not genuine.

Sale Offer

This term is often used to entice you the customer into believing there is a saving to be had and this will show a saving off the original price.

In almost all offers like this within today’s modern consumer retailing an online retailer or high street chain store will actually increase (inflate) the price of a product so they can correctly show a saving at time of going on offer and is a practice which has been going on in the aisle of the supermarkets for years…. You know we are talking sense and the same applies in all sectors of the consumer market.

Up to 50% off

As with ‘Sale Offer’ this type of offering is used during a ‘Sale’ period or in addition to another offer to entice you to believe there are big savings to be made. 

Offering a percentage (eg 10%) off a whole range for a limited period during the seasonal/trending sale period is more likely to be genuine and within these type of ‘Sale’ offer you can pick up the odd bargain as they will offer a larger discount to clear older stock just like Department Stores do at the end of each of the fashion seasons.

Scoop Deal/Offer

This type deal/offer is where a product is one that a supplier/manufacturer wishes to clear from their inventory be it end of line or not selling well and offer them to retailers as bulk offer at a low price and when put on sale by the retailer is more than likely to be a genuine offering as when it’s gone it is gone.

These Scoop offers are more genuine and seen less and less with regards to flooring offers.

Black Friday Offer

Now, this offer is just simply a pure marketing ploy under the guise and taking on what the retailers across America do when they are readying their stores for the Christmas new lines and use the Friday during Thanksgiving. 

You have to be genuine to yourself and ask how can an offer be a Black Friday Offer or Sale if it’s started many days before and last days after? The appeal of Black Friday in America is that you are able to grab a bargain just like you used in the January Sales in the UK.

This tactic, which is applied by so many retailers online and on the high street, is used to entice you, the consumer, into believing there is a saving to be had and this again will show a saving off the original price…. Not really a Black Friday offer?

As we said earlier in almost all offers like so many online retailers or high street chain stores will actually increase (inflate) the price of a product so they can correctly show a saving at the time of going on offer and is a practice which has been going on in the aisle of the supermarkets for years. 

Another tactic is that they will offer you a massive price saving but it will be on a product that was not part of their standard range but a product sourced to be used to entice you into the store and would only be available in limited availability so when you are browsing their website or the store you will look at the other ranges.

These are just our views from our experience and we just wanted to share this with you, remember if someone can offer you a discount upfront as a special offer then why don’t they just sell it at that price all year as opposed to offering such proclaimed discounts and offerings.

We hope you found our insights into Discount Flooring useful.  You are always welcome to call us at Maples & Birch to discuss your needs and find out even more about our range of quality hardwood flooring. 

Browse our range request a sample of our hardwood selection or contact us if you would like further help and advice on Tel: 0333 533 3330 or email [email protected]

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