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Sustainable Wood Wall Panelling – Floors to Walls

Nothing brings depth and richness into a room more than a hardwood floor, so why not take that same ambient feeling and apply it to your walls. Here at Maples & Birch we use a unique mix of reclaimed and specifically designed wood panelling that differ in shape and design to fit any home to match any personality.

What’s great with wall panels is that we keep up with the trends, the days when plain white walls were popular have long gone. We understand the demand for style and character! We understand the need for warm surface accents to make a house a real home, somewhere we are proud of and that’s why wall panels are often the right answer.

In addition, the use of hardwood wall panelling as an element of interior design is associated with rich elegance and examples of this through history would be the much-admired interiors of colonial and Georgian houses. These definitely showcase the natural beauty of hardwood.

Wood wall panelling provides a clean surface which is more pleasant to view and touch. With the natural benefit of being able to hide unwanted marks and cables for a cleaner interior which creates a soft warm atmosphere in any room.

At Maples & Birch we have succeed in creating wood wall panelling to the highest standards from sustainable sources to firstly make sure our hardwood products are safe, ethically sourced from sustainable locations and that they will last.  The tone and style of wood panelling can quickly turn your home into the perfect place to live.

Naturally our wall panelling is thoroughly dried and prepared to make sure they last and keep their shape for decades to come by minimising any contraction or expansion. By perfecting our preparation techniques and sourcing the highest quality products we have created the perfect range for any interior design project.  Correctly fitted, wood panelling can also be used in bathrooms.

There are so many reasons to fit wall panels into your home today. As well as looking absolutely beautiful, wood panelling has a range of practical features some people tend to forget! This includes covering uneven surfaces and marked walls that just don’t look great no matter how many coats of paint you apply.  They can even provide a durable covering in high traffic areas like hallways and staircases where damage to your home can easily happen.

Even better is how easy they are to install!  Mounting Maples & Birch hardwood panels are a simple process. This is because of our wall mounting system is carefully selected to meet the highest standards. We make sure your wall panels are installed with ease, simplicity and stress free – all to get your home looking the way it was meant to be.

Wood panels are durable, long lasting and easy to maintain. If you need to replace or repair a wall panel it can be sanded down to regain its appearance.  Minor scratches can be polished out. What’s even better, if there has been extensive damage to a panel it can be replaced without disturbing the remaining wall.

You’re probably thinking about cost?  The truth is that in the long run they can be a very affordable and sensible option.  Assuming that they are well looked after, wood panels are extremely durable and can last for decades offering a significant long-term saving as they tend to look even better as they age unlike paint and wallpaper which fades and discolours with time. They also never go out of fashion. What’s even better is that installing wood panels into your home will naturally lower energy costs as wood is a natural heat insulator.
Perhaps the most important benefit is that is often seen as an improvement to the aesthetic value of your home. The walls look rich and elegant which definitely makes your home stand out more and Improves the overall décor value.

Maples & Birch proudly participate at the annual Grand Designs Live expo’s held at London’s Excel in every Spring and at Birmingham’s NEC in the Autumn.

Visit our catalogue pages to see the full range available or for more information and free consultation please contact the Sales Team at 0333 533 3330.

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