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When it comes to increasing home value there are many ways we can depending on budgets and time scales, this can be anything from changing the decor to completely altering the layout and size.

Simple effective adjustments to your home can really make the difference such as a good hardwood floor. One company specialising specifically on hard wood flooring are Maples and Birch who will be showcasing their products at this coming Grand Design Live Show October 9th-13th 2019 they are a lead purveyor of this market. They have an extensive range of high-quality types and styles of hard wood flooring. They only offer hardwood flooring that has been sustainably sourced, each farmed forest is regulated and for every tree that is felled another two are planted. Each hardwood floor carries a lifetime structural guarantee to ensure the timber is of the highest quality whilst still offering a broad range of solutions.

A floor really does enhance a space it is such a large and important area to cover, for example open plan living is becoming more popular, where the kitchen used to be a practical purposeful space in the home is now the heart of it where we cook, socialise and spend most of our time and with a continuum of flooring running throughout the space creates a flow and ease of movement.

In particular hard wood flooring is becoming an increasingly more popular option each year, the number of people using hard wood flooring in their homes is increasing because of its benefits compared to other options these include it is easy to maintain, durable, long lasting and also for health reasons such as people with asthma and allergies should not be effected by the natural wood material.

Hardwood flooring is a smart investment for many reasons both practically and stylishly, having hard wood flooring makes a home look more attractive to a potential buyer because of its increase in popularity each year. Hard wood flooring can be seen as a more expensive option compared to other types of flooring however in the long run it is certainly worth it, the life span is much longer and should last a lifetime depending on the quality/timber type and thats where Maples and Birch deliver with their specifically sourced and graded floors designed to meet a broad range of budgets and requirements.

Some tips to make your home the best it can be are:

  • Personalise the flooring in the home to fit the type of building and style
  • Memorable aspects to differ from the rest for example using a less common timber many found on Maples and Birch website at 

In terms of the look of hard wood flooring it delivers a natural charm and can really enhance a space and with the broad range of styles to chose from its an easy option. It all comes down to personal preference however oak is a safe, easy option as its natural tones will fit into almost any interior style. Especially as it can be treated using many different finishes to create the exact look required.

Written by Georgie Osborne 

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