Maples And Birch

Grey to Brown

Moments of appearance deepen with a hint of urban sophistication when dark brown is accompanied by a distinctive grey wash. 

It’s as if each night was made for entertaining in casual elegance — a visual invitation to reverie

Turn the dial down a notch and watch the mesmerising glow of mild brown yellows of gold intermingle with a medium grey wash.  

Gracing feathered grain, the look is anything but cold. Here is a slightly muted but oh-so-welcoming colour comfort

Turn up the colour temperature to make the day more passionate and alive as dark brown finish with just a hint of blueish-grey wash turns coal into the next hot colour.

Refinement is the mood, confident in spirit and clear in the pursuit of the perfect modern ambience but never too dark as just the right amount of grey in the grain pulls the look towards modernity. Graphite is one sharp look

Come and see our extensive range of grey stained enhanced oak wood floors at Grand Designs Live 2016

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