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Hardwood Flooring in Home Interior

A stunning wooden floor can bring together an entire space. Hardwood flooring can fit any style of interior whether this is a new contemporary home or a period property. The broad range of styles, textures and colours available make it a suitable flooring option for any home interior. This type of flooring not only provides a very practical solution to the daily wear and tear but also a selection of looks and finishes suitable for any style.

Focusing more specifically on the types of flooring available which mainly include solid wood, reclaimed timber and engineered timber. Solid flooring boards are made from a single piece of solid timber allowing for a strong hardwearing floor providing it is effectively treated and correctly maintained. Reclaimed timber will have previously served a purpose and is simply being repurposed, it not only has its own unique character but is also better for the environment. Engineered flooring tends to be a series of built-up layers of wood to strengthen the overall board offering added stability.

When choosing a hardwood floor it all comes down to personal preference however there are so many combinations and types of hardwood flooring now available on the market which can work together with almost any scheme. For example reclaimed wooden boards in a period property with lots of character may seem an obvious and appropriate choice however this is not to say it has to be the only option, there are plenty of alternative styles, colours and finishes depending on the overall style of the property and the design wanting to be achieved.

One online purveyor company, in particular, Maples and Birch offer a broad range of high-quality flooring options and a variety of timber species to choose from ranging from oak to a unique range of high-quality exotic woods which differentiates them from other companies. They only sell hardwood flooring that has been sustainably sourced, each farmed forest is regulated and for every tree that is felled another two are planted. Each hardwood floor carries a lifetime structural guarantee to ensure the timber is of the highest quality whilst still offering a broad range of solutions.


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