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How do I install my wood floor?

Having purchased their flooring elsewhere people often ask our advisers how they should install their wood floor, instead of referring people to our Q&A’s page or to read the instruction we try and oblige as we know that trying to find a simple answer online is hard or from the store where the wood floor was purchased.

So let’s try and make it a bit simple for our customers wanting to know:


The new floor is fitted over an underlay without being fixed to the subfloor. This is ideal when there is a question as to excess moisture in the subfloor.

A polythene damp proof membrane can be used to isolate the wood floor from any moisture beneath it. This method also provides a slight cushioned feel to the floor.

Secret Nailing:

This type of installation is where the wooden planks are nailed down using cleats into the tongue of the new floor board at 45°, into either a suitable sized existing wood (pine or ply) board subfloor or on to battens.

As already mentioned above it is important to remember that when installing a floor in a ground floor area then the use of a special membrane is required

Glue down:

This type of installation is where the wooden floor is stuck directly to a concrete subfloor using a special adhesive which remains flexible indefinitely while still having immense bonding strength allowing the wood to expand and contract without damaging the structure of the timber.

When a wood floor is stuck down you require a liquid damp proof membrane which prevents moisture being absorbed by the wood floor from the concrete base it is glued and is formulated to work with the adhesive for added strength.

Please be assured that whenever you buy a product from us we are always ready and willing to help you with product selection and installation needs.

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