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Reclaimed Wood Flooring, The Right Direction

You might want to know the difference between reclaimed hardwood flooring and recycled wood flooring. While on the surface they sound similar, there is a crucial difference between the two you should know about. It’s all to do with the processing of the wood, while recycled is a lot of different woods processed into something new, reclaimed is simply reused – i.e. hardwood floor from an old dockyard, beams from an old house or structures of buildings that have been taken down and simply remastered. In other words, it doesn’t differ much from its original state.
Many people find the story of where their reclaimed hardwood flooring comes from very interesting which naturally makes it more valuable. At Maples & Birch if you would like to know the history of our reclaimed wood flooring,  just ask we will tell you. All of our Reclaimed wood comes from abandoned, dilapidated and condemned buildings from the old Soviet Bloc dating as far back as the 19th century.
With this in mind, you can imagine how amazing it would be to have a reclaimed flooring from somewhere with a history, a natural icebreaker which doesn’t just sound great, but you’d actually be making a difference. While trees are a sensible and renewable resource, it still makes sense to reuse and recycle wherever possible.  By installing reclaimed wood products, you are giving them a second life while also preserving an aspect of the world’s history.
Reclaimed wood flooring is a superbly sustainable flooring option. What’s even better is that building and construction projects that use recycled materials can qualify for a LEED leadership in energy and environmental design certification. This makes reclaimed wood an ideal choice for custom new builds and period renovations
In addition to the environmental benefits of using reclaimed wooden flooring, the age of this material gives reclaimed hardwood floors more strength and durability. A key reason for this is that it will often last longer than newer timber because it’s less likely to split. The reason for this is that it has already been exposed to years of hot and cold temperatures, so it’s done all the expanding and contracting it was going to do. Reclaimed wood flooring has often had over a hundred years of exposure to these sort of humidity changes making them the best option for radiant heating systems we see in modern homes.
Stepping away from the environmental side of this we can naturally say that reclaimed simply looks better, because it’s been allowed to grow for such a longer time the rings in reclaimed timber are wider, there will be more interesting intricacies and more of a history which makes it so much more unique. These beautiful floorings definitely create their own narrative which makes it so special.
The colours can vary strongly based on age and exposure which makes it such a great choice for any home. What’s even better is your own family history will be added to it, creating a longer life for the floor which helps the environment and future generations will be able to benefit from it too.
It’s becoming such a popular flooring option based on its beautiful appearance that it is now possible to buy engineered wood flooring that has been carefully crafted to resemble reclaimed wooden flooring.
Maples & Birch  proudly  participate at the yearly  Grand Designs Live expo’s which feature at Excel in London in the Spring  and  Birmingham’s NEC during the Autumn.  We will be available to discuss your options for reclaimed wooden flooring and its modern equivalents.
Visit our catalogue pages to see the full range available or for more information and a free consultation please contact the Sales Team at: 0333 533 3330.

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