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Rustic Oak Flooring

Rustic oak flooring is rapidly growing in popularity.  Maples & Birch are pleased to be able to offer a wonderful range of solid and engineered rustic oak flooring.

Wood flooring is often categorised by four main groups – Prime, Select, Natural and Rustic.  These don’t refer to the quality of the wood, instead they are largely describing the uniformity of the grain pattern and the general appearance of the planks.  Rustic grade oak will classically display a significant variation in colour and tone as well as having visible knots and whorls. The planks will typically be from the heartwood of the tree and deliberately emphasise the elements such as filled checks and sapwood, colour differences and knots.  It’s these recognisable woody aspects that impart an old world charm and warmth.

As people, we like to see rooms that reflect a theme or a style.  It’s our normal human desire to create consistency and balance.  We like things to match and to reflect a mood that we want to achieve.  This is very much a rule of inter design. As more and more people are renovating there existing homes or creating new character rooms, they are rediscovering the original design elements that once added true personality to a space.  Old fireplaces are being revealed from behind plasterboard walls and original historic brick is being exposed to add texture and style to traditional kitchens.  Oak is a hard wood, which means it’s extremely hard wearing and ideal for flooring. In Latin, oak is known as ‘quercus robur’, which translates as strength.

Whether you are trying to create the appearance of an 18th century cottage kitchen or a Georgian study it is essential that you get the flooring right. Maples and Birch have a wide range flooring options.  Take a look at our French Barn Oak which is available in 3 different widths, treated with UV Oil.  The very distinctive, texture, character and grain of the wood is enhanced by the use of UV oil which means less maintenance over period of its life.  Another option ideal for character kitchens is Ivybridge Oak Extra Rustic Brushed & Natural Oiled Board.  This is inspired by contemporary colour tones from today’s in-vogue interior designers with an extra rustic board that is stained to achieve the desired colour.  To further raise the natural grain, the board is brushed and finished with Natural Oil Protect.  This ensures an organic and traditional feel that requires less maintenance and comes with a Lifetime Structural Guarantee.

Rustic oak is also available in parquet such as Smoked Stained Oak Herringbone Rustic Engineered Parquet ClickBlock and Antique Stained Oak Herringbone Rustic Engineered Parquet Click Block.

Rustic is a design style that focuses on the rugged, slightly unfinished appearance of natural materials, as well as irregular textures and earthy colours.  The aim is to create a space that has a strong organic feel created through the use of unpretentious furnishings and muted colours typically associated with nature and specifically the autumn season.

Wide oak plank floors are a quick and effective way to emphasise the rustic impression of a space.  Where possible this should be enhanced through the use of open fireplaces or wood burner stoves as well as redbrick or stone wall features. The most effective rustic interiors strive for a flawless balance between comfort and character.  Rustic rooms can be fascinating with interesting décor but above all they should be simple, warm and homely.

Rustic oak floors from Maples  & Birch can be supplied in a wide variety of textures and finishes.  The most popular are those with brushed or textured surfaces and treated with natural UV oils for a warm appearance and natural feel underfoot.

Rustic Oak flooring can be supplied as either solid or engineered planks as well as parquet blocks.  Installing flooring is a specific skill and it is always best to discuss your options with one of our experts for the fitting process to ensure the highest standards.

Visit our catalogue pages to see the full range available or for more information and a free consultation please contact the Sales Team at: 0333 533 3330

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