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True or False, Myths about Hardwood Flooring

We are often asked many questions about real wood flooring like if can be laid it in the in the kitchen or how easy is wood floor to maintain? So we would like dispel some of the clichés and the myths that are out there.

So let’s answer and dispel those common questions and myths about hardwood flooring. 



True or False, Myths about Hardwood Flooring 

1. “Wood flooring cannot be installed over underfloor heating.” FALSE 

In a previous article we clearly outlined that all our engineered wood floors work very well with underfloor heating. Wood actually radiates heat like any other type of floor covering if not better, wood naturally retains heat.

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2. “Solid wood flooring is better than engineered hardwood floor.” FALSE 

As stated in previous articles and Solid-wood flooring is a single piece of wooden plank, the myth is can undergo many sanding procedures.

In fact engineered hardwood flooring has same the levels of sanding in the equivalent thickness boards as it as has a solid wear layer.

Another factor is that solid hardwood floors are subject to a lot of natural wood variations caused by temperature and humidity whereas engineered multi-layered hardwood floors are more stable in difficult atmospheric conditions.

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3. “Wood floors are not suitable for use in bathrooms or kitchens.” FALSE 

It is no secret that wood as a floor covering is being considered for use in bathrooms and kitchens more than ever before, it’s the natural beauty of wood that makes it irresistible.

In fact there are number of wood species that are most water-resistant that you can browse as an option such as Acacia, Doussie, Iroko, Mutenye, Teak and Wenge.

We actually have a range of exotic hardwood floors that are designed and engineered for use in Bathrooms, check out the Navylam+ range.

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4. “Gluing my hardwood floor is best.” FALSE 

A PVA glued system of installing an engineered hardwood floor as a floating floor and is commonly used one where it has a T&G (tongue and groove), however a click system has great advantages the biggest being the floor can be uplifted and reinstalled without damage and even be reused in another environment.

5. “I love my dogs and cats so this mean can’t have hardwood flooring.” FALSE!

With the right selection of finish like oiled over a lacquered and brushed or distressed texture over smooth makes hardwood flooring perfect match for pets as wood warmer and more slip resistant in these options making a more healthier option for your pets joints over a smooth finish.

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6. “Hardwood floors require higher maintenance” FALSE!

Wood Floors do not require that much maintenance in fact it’s so simple just an application of common sense. Keep the wood floor well swept from debris and use of the maintenance floor product.

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7. “Wooden floors are not eco-friendly?” FALSE!

Maples & Birch guarantees that all out hardwood floors are sourced from mills that responsibly source all raw materials to ethical standards. We can verify that all are hardwood floors are cultured from environmental responsible certified woods by mills and producers making its production transparent. 

You’re also always welcome to call us at Maples and Birch to discuss your needs and find out even more about the range that we have available.

Visit our catalogue pages to see the full range available or call us today for a sample of our hardwoods selection on Tel: 0333 533 3330 or email Sales at: [email protected]



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