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Walking barefoot on hardwood flooring

The awareness of inner sanctuary is increasing and how we live is a big factor as is the materials that choose to walk and sit on.

Do you know that when you walk barefoot in your own home it actually gives your whole major relief?

Obviously the floor has to be comfortable so there is no better material that is natural than real wood? Let us explain the benefits of walking barefoot on a hardwood floor.

Hardwood is the most natural surface to walk on, unlike tiled, laminate or even synthetic soft carpets you are in contact with one of nature’s oldest form of floor coverings. Natural wood is a living material that is unique and cannot be imitated that gives you a feeling of warmth which is also welcoming. 

Wood flooring has a number of features which include giving a room personality and assured environment and the beneficial properties ensure comfort at home or in any other kind of environment.

Walking barefoot on hardwood floors step by step has the value of healthy living starting the moment you step barefoot on a natural hardwood floor, 

Why is it of importance to walk barefoot on a wood floor at home?

When we wear shoes all day long it entails that our feet are missing any used direct contact with the ground, it is essential for our feet to rediscover that connection otherwise it could be lost which is why it is good to spend some time walking barefoot. There is no better way than to make that contact than doing it at home!

When walking barefoot on a hardwood floor it is very different from walking on a ceramic floor, or on other materials as our feet benefit from irregular and naturally temperate surfaces.  By not wearing any shoes or socks on the hardwood flooring our bodies are able to rediscover the pleasure of skin being in touch with wood.

The shape of our feet is naturally prepared and in-built for uneven surfaces; the natural grain of hardwood helps prevents flat feet and stimulates blood flow which is one of the biggest advantages of having a wood floor at home. 

By walking barefoot on hardwood floors at home creates a relaxing experience that involves the skin being able to engage the feelings that comes from the soles of the feet, caressing the floor. It is for this reason that so many people in Scandinavian countries choose hardwood floors for their home, with the addition to the many other functional and aesthetical values.  

Nature’s natural insulator

When autumn begins and winter sets in our homes are naturally colder but with hardwood flooring these conditions are more comfortable and wood is nature’s natural insulator making for a healthy environment. These conditions allow for good blood flow when walking barefoot and could reduce the swelling/bloating of feet and legs.

These are our four great reasons why you should walk on barefoot on a hardwood floor:

  • Hardwood is always warm when you touch it and comfortable to walk on
  • Hardwood allows the natural movement of the soles of your feet and makes the toes free
  • Hardwood naturally facilitates good blood flow of your legs and feet
  • Hardwood is not too rigid or hard when you walk on it and prevents from the static electric charge

When you chose hardwood as your floor coving, your choice means you have selected comfort and elegance, as well as being easy to maintain and clean.

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