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Wood Flooring Trends for 2020

Following this year’s Grand Designs Live shows at London’s Excel and Birmingham’s NEC where we at Maples & Birch displayed over 300 different types of oak hardwood floors across both shows. We found that the desire for trending grey floors to be floundering and that the natural look with a rustic feel to be a popular choice and the need for floors that are different to the norm in appearance.

If you are looking at installing a real hardwood floor in your home then you might want to take note of what we think will buck the trends of fashion fads with Oak engineered wood flooring increasingly being used for both new-builds and refurbishments as their beauty and flexibility are now recognised by leading interior designers and architects.

Natural Woods in Demand

Over the past 15 months, we have been tracking Wood Flooring Trends through 2018/2019 and seen the demand for Natural-looking wooden floors in Oak as a Herringbone Parquet, Mosaic Parquet and Aged Distressed looking hardwoods. These types of real wood floors are going to prove to be significant when comes to wood flooring trends emerging over 2020.

The 2018/19 trends showed that grey wood flooring was being used to emphasise interiors, particularly to create a modern look. A special twist above all the normal grey trending floors shown at Grand Designs Live shows was the 3D 3 strip brushed oak hardwood flooring.

Simon Patel of Maples & Birch stated; “Over the next 18 months flooring trends are going to change going by demands and feedback of people looking to refurbish and build their homes in 2020, we found that customers wanted to create a sense of individuality and were looking for more natural-looking with a darker tint. Balanced contrasts and unique looking floors are something people want to make a surface statement.” Want to look different then the Maritime Grey 3D brushed 3-strip oak is a modern striking looking oak hardwood floor with great texture.

Making it Interesting – People Love Something Different

2020 is the year for being different and with hardwood flooring having a timeless appeal and the ability to have Dual or Multi width boards is starting to grow in popularity in the strive to have an engineered hardwood floor that looks clean but conventional with a need for a choice of finishes and colour offerings. Exotic woods will be the constant choice if opulence is the preference to create a sense of space with striking tones from species like; Morado or Curupau in the eye-catching industrial parquet pattern ideal for hallways and kitchens.

Engineered Wood Flooring – The Smart Choice

Over the last 5 years, the smart choice is to move over to engineered wood floors. This structure offers all the natural beauty and functionality of solid wood flooring but is more practical and is more cost-effective to install. Engineered hardwood flooring is manufactured to exact specifications and is tested to conform to all international standards; engineered wood flooring uses the quality part of solid wood that is bonded to a multilayer or spruce structure, creating a hardwood board with superior strength and resilience to stress. The thickness of the natural wood is significant and can be sanded and refinished where laminate bases cannot.

Herringbone – Still the Pattern for 2020

It seems the intricate loveliness of parquet and the herringbone pattern is still going to popular. Herringbone parquet remains to be popular however patterns like Dutch and Castello parquet are a nuance that is fulfilling the need to have parquet but yet again be different and not going with the norm. 2018 and 2019 saw a change in flooring trends as designers along with homeowners sought to re-discover the fantastic creativity that Parquet brought to the grand houses of Britain for centuries. Dutch and Castello pattern Parquet wood flooring merges traditional and modern design aspects to fashion; creating a floor that looks truly amazing whilst also providing exceptional durability.

Wooden Bathroom Floors

More and more people want an alternative to the conventional floor covering applied to bathrooms and hardwood flooring means that people now realise that it is possible and practical to have wooden floors in bathrooms.  Exotic woods that are naturally moisture resistant are bringing warmth into bathrooms that slate and ceramic tiles just don’t offer. 

We hope you found our insights into Wood Flooring Trends useful. You are always welcome to call us at Maples & Birch to discuss your needs and find out even more about exotic hardwood flooring.

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