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What Is End Grain Hardwood Flooring

What Is End Grain Hardwood Flooring

End-Grain wood flooring is made of lumber that is sawn width wise in to tiles or blocks to create a unique type of hardwood flooring and is actually very traditional as far was wood flooring goes.  The End-Grain hardwood flooring is milled from wooden blocks that are from timber ends and sawn crosswise to the grain as opposed the length from which […]

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Will Wooden Floors Fade

Over the years wooden floors will undergo a natural change in appearance and this is known as the oxidation process, this is why hardwood floors change colour tone over time and should never be deemed as faulty it’s a natural process. The attraction to wood is the natural the ability of wood to breathe and […]

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About Discount Flooring

Purchasing a hardwood floor for your home is a major outlay and investment and for this reason, as well as being prudent getting trying to get the floor you want at the lowest price is of importance. Within the flooring industry discounts are rife when comparing branded floors against different online retailers and independent shops […]

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